Making My Return ...
Heading to the Land of Oz

It's been nearly a year and a half since my last real Shawna the Maid appearance anywhere. In March of 2020, on what turned out to be the last day before things began to shut down in the early moments of the pandemic, I visited a bunch of Hooters and Twin Peaks stores in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan in my St. Patrick's Day Irish Bitch outfit. I had a great time meeting so many wonderful people that day. And then the world just kind of stopped.

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About six months later, once we'd gotten a handle on mask wearing and things had begun to open up again, I did make a couple of quick stops in uniform during a Chicago trip just to get pictures. It was fun, but not a real Shawna the Maid experience for me or the girls I met at those Chicago-area Hooters restaurants.

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I was as nervous and excited walking into those stores in my mask as I always am, but it wasn't the same. And I really did just pop in for a couple of quick pictures. 

But now, we've reached a point in the pandemic where things are starting to return to normal. More and more people are vaccinated. Mask mandates have been lifted in most places across the country. Restaurants are open again. And ... for the first time in my life ... I'm headed to Kansas.

I'll be flying into Kansas City, Missouri, late next week and driving west to Hutchinson, Kansas, for a day. Along the way, over the course of about two and a half days, there are going to be opportunities for me to make some visits in uniform to some Hooters and Twin Peaks locations in KC, Topeka and Wichita. And I'm planning to do my best to get to all of them. I'm even hoping to meet up with a couple of friends who I've only known until now on Facebook for what's sure to be a really fun time!

I'm not sure of my schedule yet, exactly. It looks like I'll probably make a visit or two Thursday night in KC/Topeka. Then it looks like I'll be able to visit the two Wichita Twin Peaks locations on Friday evening. And then I'll probably make my way to any Hooters locations in the KC area that I didn't yet visit before I catch my flight home Saturday evening. 

This will be my first time in KC and in Kansas, so my Hooters visits will still count toward the bet I lost that started me on this journey way back when. So that's kind of cool!

It's still a week away, but I'm already excited ... and nervous as heck! I can't wait to meet new people, and I'll be sure to share the pictures in a blog after I get home!