If You Found Yourself Here From The Facebook Photoshop Requests Group, Please Read!

Just a quick note for anyone who followed the link here from the Facebook Photoshop Requests group. I was never expecting to share anything beyond the picture when I posted in the group asking for some edits to my picture with Alicia Silverstone. LOL! I do appreciate the curiosity in my story, though.

If you check out the page and you think it's fun, funny, exciting, etc. please feel free to follow my public Facebook page, Shawna the Maid's Cosplay Adventures.

And please feel free to send a friend request to my Shawna the Maid Facebook profile! I really do love to connect with and add new friends who get what I do and enjoy it.

I didn't post in the group wth any of this in mind, and I definitely wasn't planning to share so much with SO MANY PEOPLE! LOL. But now that you're in the circle of trust, I'd be delighted to add you as a new friend. :)